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Life Doesn’t Have to be Pain in the Neck

Thank you for choosing us to help you feel better! We are excited to help you obtain the tools you need to feel great!

Our office offers chiropractic care, trigger point therapy, massage therapy and many products to keep you feeling great! We also have websites for you to order your own products and have them shipped right to your door!

Chiropractic is different- come in and see!

Our Salt Cave sessions run at the top of every hour. Call for other hours and special events. Gift Certificates available! Private sessions available for additional cost.

Packages for massage & salt cave sessions are customizable.


Hold your next party or meeting in our Grotto!

What we Offer



We are currently working on future packages, mornings and zoom classes to accommodate those schedules that cannot make an in person class! We’d love you to join us! 

We have been working on adding new programs & services all year!

If you’d like to see something at our facility, just let us know!

Presently, we offer Reiki Events, Health & Wellness Events & Services (both online & in-person), and most recently Free Acupuncture Consultation with half of the price of your first session.

WE are all here to help!

Meet our ‘family’


Christina and Brittany




Leslie Migliorelli

Board Certified Holistic Wellness & Life Coach

    • Certified in Health , Life , Nutrition, Detoxification & Stress
    • Attended The Health Coach Institute, Institute of Integrative Nutrition The Nutritious Life Studio & Cornell University
    • Board Certification through The American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Services :


Hands Up! Who wants a massage?

Looking to relieve stress and tension? Whether you’re dealing with soreness or just some “me-time,” a relaxing massage is the key to restorative relaxation.

Kim provides a range of massage services that get to the root of your soreness, stiffness or discomfort, soothing your pain and loosening muscles to bring calmness to your whole body. Her treatment is specifically tailored to the needs of each person, she specializes in deep tissue, medical, trigger point, as well as other modalities, we have seen incredible healing power of her treatments.

You can schedule your appointment by calling the office. Kim is available Thursday and every

Rest, Rejuvenate, and Reenergize Your Mind and Body

Imagine walking into a magnificent sanctuary where the walls, floors, and air are all made of and imbued with Himalayan salt’s therapeutic properties. You’ll be able to let go of all of your stress and anxiety as you rest in our serene, silent salt cave.

Entering this unique therapeutic area, you will immediately feel a sense of peace. Your muscles will begin to relax as you inhale the salt-infused air and take a deep breath.

Halo-therapy, a therapeutic method involving the dispersion of pure unprocessed pharmaceutical grade Himalayan salt in the air around you and absorption through the breath and skin, is used in salt cave sessions. Benefits include but are not limited to improved respiratory health, increased lung capacity, less stress, improved sleep patterns, and even an increase in the immune system’s ability to fight off disease.

In addition to sound healing, this room is great for holding group meditations, breath-work sessions, ceremonies, and many other events. Check out our events page or call for our latest event being held in the grotto.

Come experience the benefits of our Natural Himalayan Salt Cave today!