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Thank you for choosing us to help you feel better! We are excited to help you obtain the tools you need to feel great!

Our office offers chiropractic care, trigger point therapy, massage therapy and many products to keep you feeling great! We also have websites for you to order your own products and have them shipped right to your door!


  • Chiropractic is different- come in and see!
  • Our Salt Cave sessions run at the top of every hour. Call for other hours and special events.
  • Gift Certificates available! Private sessions available for additional cost.
  • Hold your next party or meeting in our Grotto!
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We are currently working on new events. We would love for you to join us! Looking for something you don’t see? Let us know.

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About Dr. kelly

Dr. Janine D. Kelly

It’s so nice to meet you- thank you for visiting our website. I am Dr. Janine Kelly and I hope to be your Chiropractor. Many people don’t believe they need a chiropractor. Some think we are only for back or neck problems. Others come to us as a “last resort”. Whatever the reason, we are happy you’re here! It means you are taking the time to investigate your next step to better health.

I am a 1995 graduate of LIFE University in Marietta, Georgia. I have been in practice on Long Island and have enjoyed every second of my time as a Doctor of Chiropractic. My background is in Physical Education and Biology, where I graduated from Long Island University. I have taught in the schools, I have spoken in libraries and functions, and I have even worked the Long Island marathon.

I held the position of President of the East Meadow Chamber of Commerce in 2009 and received the Silver Fox Award in 2012. I have also been a member of Kiwanis and The Sons of Italy. I am also an affiliate with Long Island Spine Care.

In April of 2021 I moved my practice to a new location that houses a beautiful salt cave. I have used salt caves for a number of years, and have always been interested, so this newest venture is so exciting! Did you know how much salt can help you? What a great addition to my practice! And yes, it is all natural! Come visit us and sit and relax in my grotto. I know you will love it as much as I do! Dry Salt therapy can help with so many conditions, especially the respiratory tract. With this past year of COVID and the effects it has on the lungs, this is truly a blessing for so many. Come see and sit. It’s like being at the beach without the burn!

WE are all here to help!

Our Working Hours

Booking hours for the salt cave are:

Monday: 10AM until 5PM (last appt. 5PM)

Tuesday: 10AM-2PM

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 10AM-5PM

Friday: 10AM-4PM (last appt. 3PM)

Saturday: 10AM-4PM (last appt. 3PM)

Sunday: 10AM-2PM (by appointment)

Private bookings/parties and events are available- call to speak with one of our staff to create a wonderful event for you! (516) 221-SALT

Due to private event bookings later sessions for the cave may not be available. If you would like a later appointment, please call our facility.

Rest, Rejuvenate, and Reenergize Your Mind and Body

Imagine walking into a magnificent sanctuary where the walls, floors, and air are all made of and imbued with Himalayan salt’s therapeutic properties. You’ll be able to let go of all of your stress and anxiety as you rest in our serene, silent salt cave.

Entering this unique therapeutic area, you will immediately feel a sense of peace. Your muscles will begin to relax as you inhale the salt-infused air and take a deep breath.

Halo-therapy, a therapeutic method involving the dispersion of pure unprocessed pharmaceutical grade Himalayan salt in the air around you and absorption through the breath and skin, is used in salt cave sessions. Benefits include but are not limited to improved respiratory health, increased lung capacity, less stress, improved sleep patterns, and even an increase in the immune system’s ability to fight off disease.

In addition to sound healing, this room is great for holding group meditations, breath-work sessions, ceremonies, and many other events. Check out our events page or call for our latest event being held in the grotto.

Come experience the benefits of our Natural Himalayan Salt Cave today!